- 2015 -

We took 18 volunteers who had fundraised a total of USD 15,170 which provided more than 750 villagers with access to clean drinking water. The volunteers spent 2 days in the outskirts of Siem Reap, visiting rural villagers and installing biosand water filters under the supervision of our local partner in Cambodia.


- 2014 -

This was an eventful year for us as we hosted 5 volunteer trips to Cambodia and raised a total of USD 42,581  for biosand water filters which impacted more than 2,000 rural villagers. We took a total of 62 volunteers on field trips with us which included two corporate volunteer groups.


- 2013 -

This was the year we started our field trips to Cambodia to better understand the challenges on the ground. We raised an impressive USD 9,053 to fund biosand water filters for 450 rural Cambodians and USD 6,210 to provide 50 homes with access to toilets.