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Over 50% of the rural population in Cambodia don't have access to clean drinking water and one in five deaths among children in Cambodia are caused by water borne diseases.  

You can change this.

Over the years MAD Volunteers have been raising money and volunteering their time to build life saving water filters in rural Cambodia. To date over 80 volunteers have impacted the lives of more than 4,000 people in Cambodia. They raised money and travelled deep into rural villages to make a difference.


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Who is a MAD Volunteer?


MAD Volunteers look at the world and see what could be, not what is. They have the audacity to imagine a better world and the courage to challenge the status quo. While most people talk about making a difference, they commit to action. They know change isn't easy, isn't immediate and isn't always guaranteed yet they're willing to show up to create change anyways. They come from various backgrounds, differing across age, race, religion and every other demographic factor. Yet, they unite in their desire to make a difference.

The Experience

The trip to Siem Reap is a two part experience of fundraising and volunteering. You'll launch an online fundraising campaign to fund biosand water filters and travel to rural villages in Cambodia to install the filters you fundraised for. Alternatively, you could donate towards the cost one filter and still qualify for the trip. We just want to ensure your presence positively benefits the community!


Fundraising is crucial because it helps fund the filter materials and the cost of maintaining and monitoring the filter's performance.

It isn't the easiest part of the experience; it takes time and effort. Yet, the most difficult part isn't the actual fundraising. Most volunteers who have fundraised for filters report back that it was easier than they thought. The most difficult part is before the launch of the fundraising campaign.

The most difficult part is overcoming the fear of starting.

This is the fear that cripples all good intentions. The fear of failure and criticism. The fear of telling the world you stand for something. It is the reason why change doesn't happen. MAD Volunteers are unique not because they're fearless but because they find the courage to overcome their fear.


You'll get plenty of support. At MAD, fundraising is in our blood. We started as fundraisers ourselves and over the years we've developed a formula that works. When you sign up to join us you'll get all the support you need from a team of experts who know what they're doing because they've done it themselves.


Once you've fundraised for at least one filter (USD 100), you'll be invited to join us on our volunteer trip to Siem Reap. This is a life changing 3 day adventure into rural Cambodia. You'll get your hands dirty building water filters with concrete and stone. Then you'll visit rural villagers where you'll install water filters with the guidance of local experts. During this trip, you'll get to meet the families you're helping, learn about their way of life and see for yourself what a bit of courage and hard work can do to make a difference. Each volunteer trip is limited to 20 people to ensure an immersive experience.



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