Water is such a fundamental human need affecting not just health but education and income for people living in poverty.



Children are especially vulnerable to water borne diseases because their bodies are too weak to fight off diarrhea, dysentery and other illnesses. When a child falls ill from dirty water they are unable to go to school and when a woman spends hours each day collecting water she is kept away from an income generating job. 

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Biosand Water Filters (BSF)

A BSF is a household level water filter that uses age old sand filtration technology to clean surface level water (pond / river water). Each filter is capable of removing up to 98.5% of bacteria and 90-95% of iron  from the water. Each filter provides safe and clean water for the needs of one family and can last for 15 years. 



Our Implementing Partner

Our local partner in Cambodia has installed over 20,000 biosand water filters across rural Cambodia which has helped over 120,000 people gain access to clean drinking water. Our partner is a global leader in biosand water filter installations with a well trained team and fully functional water testing lab. We have supported Water for Cambodia since 2013.