Charu Agarwal

Charu is the co-founder of MAD and has been working in the field of social change for the past 6 years. Her collective work experience with Teach For Malaysia, the UN Refugee Agency and Muskaan, a nonprofit based in India working with marginalized slum communities has given her a unique insight into understanding and creating long-term systemic change.

She brings this unique perspective to MAD by helping aspiring volunteers understand the complexities of poverty and the importance of community engagement. Her work has helped many volunteers understand how they can play a long-term role in creating social change. 

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Navin Profile Pic

Navin Muruga

Navin is an Acumen Global Fellow and the co-founder of MAD. He is an expert fundraiser with personal experience running campaigns that have impacted the lives of thousands of people all across the world. His approach to fundraising is built on the cornerstone of effective story telling, personal connection and proof. He has successfully used this fundraising methodology to empower hundred of others to volunteer and fundraise for projects they care about.

Navin is a TEDx speaker and regularly advocates for creating a world of greater equity. 

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